2020 Taxes: Click Here
Important due dates are:

  1. Issue 1099 Forms before January 31st, and submit the appropriate forms to IRS before February 28th.
  2. If you are registered with City of Los Angeles, you can renew your business tax before February 28, and do not pay any tax. If you renew after that date regular tax rate + penalties apply.
  3. Estimated income tax payments: 4 estimated tax payments should be made during the year based on previous year income tax.
  4. Filing extension of time should be filled out by March 15.

Some dates are subject to change based on your own situation, please contact us for more information.

For your convenience, obtain your routing number and account number where you want them to send you your refund. Direct Deposit is the fastest, most-accurate and secure way to receive your refund. Therefore, we recommend and encourage that you receive your refund through Direct Deposit.

If you are Self-employed we highly recommend to file Profit and Loss:

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