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In Covered California website the following are the documents to verify Enrollment:

“If a consumer wants to enroll in health coverage through Covered California but does not want to apply for financial assistance, either because they do not want help paying for their health coverage or because they do not think they qualify for financial help, all they need to provide is:

  • Their Social Security number, if they are a U.S. citizen; or, if they do not have a Social Security number or are a lawfully present individual, their corresponding documentation information (for example, a copy of a U.S. passport, a certificate of naturalization, a certificate of citizenship, a U.S. birth certificate and a photographed identification card, or proof of lawful presence). Check the list of acceptable immigration documents for proof of lawful presence here.

If a consumer is seeking financial assistance to help them pay their monthly health insurance premium costs, they will be asked to provide additional information during the enrollment process, to verify their income, as well as their citizenship and residency. This information includes:

  • Social Security numbers or proof of citizenship, or document information for lawfully present individuals, as described above.
  • Employer and income information for everyone in the consumer’s household.
  • Federal tax information” .

(Text from Covered California Website)

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