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In 2ServiceU Inc. we help you and guide you to the entire process Filing a Fictitious Business Name. Prior to opening a business, a business name must be selected that is not already in use, and then registered. Fictitious business name statements must be filed with the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Office.

In the case of a corporation, a fictitious business name is any name other than the corporate name stated in its articles of incorporation. . If you’re starting a sole proprietorship or a partnership, you have the option of choosing a business name or DBA (Doing Business As) for your businesses.

A fictitious business name statement expires five years from the date it is filed in the County Clerk. A renewal of this statement must be filed prior to the date of expiration if you intend to continue doing business under that name and if there are no changes from the original.

Publication: State law requires that within 30 days of filing, the registrant must publish a statement in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the principal place of business is located once a week for four consecutive weeks. Note: A renewal does not require publication.

Who should file a fictitious business name?

  • Persons doing business for profit under a fictitious name (does not include surname in company name).
  • Statement must be filed in county of principal place of business and may also be filed in other counties as long as the requirements for filing in the county of principal place of business have been met.
  • Non-profit corporations, organizations or associations are not required to file a Fictitious Business Name Statement

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